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I've been indexing books and magazines for the last twelve years, and have worked on many titles and a wide variety of subjects. Most of my recent work has been for Earthscan, a publisher of titles on environmental and sustainable development issues, and the academic publisher Ashgate Gower.

Recent Ashgate Gower titles for which I have provided indexes include:

The Making of Eurosceptic Britain
Islam Beyond Conflict
Augmented Urban Space
Governing the Heroin Trade
Mortality, Mourning and Mortuary Practices in
Indigenous Australia
North Korea's Nuclear Crisis
Shelley's Music
Reading Musical Interpretation
Religion and Conflict Resolution
The Right Not To Be Criminalized
Some of the titles I have indexed for Earthscan include:

Integrating Science and Policy
Sustainable Land Management
Cities and Climate Change
Selling Solar
The Biofuel Delusion
Beach Management Principles and Practice
Contested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region
Building Sustainable Cities (Un-Habitat Global Report 2009)
Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
Ecosystem Services from Agriculture and Agroforestry

In the case of Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises I worked closely with the author, as it is a large and detailed book, and have had my name included in the acknowledgements. This is quite unusual for a harmless drudge like me and is one of the highlights of my career, a bit like getting picked for Scotland, only less disappointing when the final whistle goes.

In the last year I've been providing indexes for the science and agriculture publisher CABI. Titles include:

Veterinary Treatment of Sheep and Goats
Modeling Physiology of Crop Development
Care and Welfare of Cats
Silviculture of Trees

I've also recently been working for Florence Productions on Comics for Film, Games & Animation
and Music in Science Fiction Television, and for Acumen Publishing on Pierre Boudrieu and Fantasy and Belief. Many of these indexes can be viewed on the publishers' websites.

Generally, subjects include international relations, cultural studies, global issues such as crime, migration, terrorism and the environment, and socio-economic topics like class, women's issues, and employment. As well as social sciences, I work in the humanities and the arts, on subjects such as literature and music.

I have also indexed books for other publishers such as Sutton (later Haynes Sutton) and Carlton, on anything and everything, including biographies, history, art & literature, popular science, sport, single-volume encyclopedias, and a surprisingly engaging history of the kidney dialysis machine!

My most significant magazine commission was to compile a cumulative index for the National Trust Magazine. I took the existing index which covered the period 1925-1980, and completely revamped it, making it more accessible by standardising the entries, and adding subheadings and cross-references. I then added the next 25 years-worth of magazines. I'm told it's now a usable tool for the National Trust staff, and is updated in-house.

I can send you examples of my indexes on request. Please contact myself Angus Barclay, via the enquiry form or contact details.
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